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Static Stabilizer

CTS33 Static Stabilizer

CTS33 Static Stabilizer

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Static stabilizers with verified IGBT & SCR modules are highly reliable than servo-type units. CTS33 static voltage stabilizer is more reliable & compact, & it has fast voltage correction speed & low maintenance. Now order it in UAE, Oman, & Qatar. SKU: CTS-33-0000-ST-3P MPN: CTS-33-0000-ST-3P Category: Static Stabilizer Tags: Static Stabilizer, Static Voltage Stabilizer Brand: CtrlTech

What is a static stabilizer?

As its name suggests, the static stabilizer is a complete electronic circuit-based voltage correction system without moving parts. These IGBT stabilizers have buck-boost transformers, IGBT power converters, & microprocessor controllers. The output of the power converter is connected to the primary of the buck and boost transformer. Hence, by increasing or reducing the power module's output, voltages at the output of the buck-boost transformer (which is also the output of the stabilizer) can be corrected.

IGBT bridge act with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). When the controller senses the high or low voltage at the input side, it triggers the IBGT power module to change its output accordingly to compensate for changes. Since the correction took place electronically, it is a static voltage stabilizer.

Why do we need a static IGBT stabilizer?

A static stabilizer's main advantage is that it offers speedy voltage regulation with accuracy. For industrial loads like motors, elevators, & Carnes, slow voltage correction will not make any difference. But, for SNMP loads like Computers, servers, and other electronic devices, accuracy and speed of voltage correction are crucial factors. For such loads, we need an IGBT or SCR stabilizer.

How is a static voltage stabilizer different?

So, let us understand how a static stabilizer differs from a traditional servo motor-controlled system.

  1. A servo system has moving parts, but static units are purely electronic.
  2. The above point shows that static stabilizers are more reliable, low maintenance, & sturdy unit.
  3. Also, it shows that these systems are more accurate and with fast voltage correction.
  4. Static regulators are more compact and lightweight than the equal capacity of servo motor stabilizers.
  5. Adding EMI and RMI filters in IGBT-based units is easier and more economical than in servo-type systems.
  1. Sensitive and fast True RMS reading module in 20 mil Sec reading
  2. Fast regulation Module
  3. Improvable out regulation structure
  4. Reading power parameters
  5. Modular card structure
  6. No need of maintenance. It is completely static.
  7. Ability to work under whatever with cos u load
  8. Ability to discriminate non-linear load and short circuit
  9. In the case of short circuit it prevents blowing the fuse
  10. Reoperating from short circuit
  11. In the case short circuit none of static switch is to spoil