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Server Room Air Conditioner

Dual-Fluid-Close-control unit CCU or close control air conditioning

Dual Cool Server Room Air Conditioner

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Dual fluid server room AC consists of direction expansion & chilled water circuits in a single system. It is the most reliable & professional computer room cooling unit designed to continuously work 27 x 7 and 365 days. SKU: CT-CCU-CRAC-026-DC MPN:CT-CCU-CRAC-026-DC Category:server room air conditioner Tags: Server room air conditioner, server room ac Brand: CtrlTech

Why need a server room ac?

The computer room consists of many servers and other IT equipment. IT equipment needs controlled temperature and humidity conditions. A server room air conditioner helps to provide a conducive climate conditioner for IT equipment. High heat can cause the breakdown of the server, and high humidity can lead to condensation. Similarly, low humidity might increase the chances of static charges and electromagnetic interference.

Precision air conditioning is one of the most sturdy computer room cooling units. Like other server room AC, a dual fluid close control unit is available in downflow and up flow configurations. The server air conditioner must be reliable and designed to work 24 x 7 for 365 days continuously.

Server room cooling units with dual coil bring the reliability of direct expansion type system and affordability of chilled water system. It is perfect for high-critical data centers. It not only reduces the equipment cost but it increases redundancy.

What is a dual fluid server room air conditioner?

This tight control unit technology utilizes two distinct mediums to dissipate the heat created in the data center. It is a combined unit of a Direct Expansion (DX) unit and a precision air conditioner with chilled water. The system is comprised of a single interior unit that holds the cooling coil, the filter, the humidifier, the heater, and the blower fan.

Indoor units are equipped with two cooling circuits: DX and chilled water. The chilled water circuit is connected to the chilled water supply, which transfers heat via chilled water. At the same time, the DX circuit is connected via copper refrigerant piping to the external air-cooled condenser. With the aid of refrigerant, heat is transmitted to the outside. Any one of the cooling circuits may be used as the default. And the others may be used as a standby. Or We can program the dual fluid server room air conditioner's cooling circuits to operate on a timetable.