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Wall Mount Dehumidifier

DRY Wall mount dehumidifier

DRY 500 Wall Mount Dehumidifier

15,500.00د.إ – 18,300.00د.إ VAT
DRY 500 wall mount dehumidifier is ideal for the indoor pool room. This commercial pool dehumidification system is made in Europe to reduce humidity. SKU: CT-DRY500-S/M/W-WM-1 MPN: CT-DRY500-S/M/W-WM-1 Category: Wall Mount Dehumidifier Tags: Wall mount dehumidifier, wall dehumidifier Brand: CtrlTech

Dehumidifier Mounted on the Wall

For indoor pools or small places, a wall-mounted dehumidifier is frequently preferred. More than for conventional rooms, this type is employed as a dehumidifier for swimming pools. The primary goal of wall mounted dehumidifiers is to conserve space. Additionally, to maintain the attractiveness of the indoor pool. Apart from performance, the unit's aesthetic is critical.

Numerous clients invest millions of dollars in the interior design of the indoor pool room. As a result, installing a portable dehumidifier will detract from the room's overall appeal. A wall unit can assist in resolving this issue. Indoor swimming pools generate a significant amount of humidity. In other words, this is the most detrimental type of humidity load. As a result, decreasing moisture in the pool area is always a difficult task. In this application, a pool dehumidification system is required to operate continuously. As a result, we must select a device that is extremely trustworthy. And CtrlTech dehumidifiers Dubai are here to assist you in any way possible.

DRY 500 Dehumidifier for Wall Mounting

The DRY series of wall dehumidifiers is expertly engineered. It is constructed with high-quality components to provide maximum reliability. Simultaneously, it preserved the system's beauty. This machine measures only 30 centimetres in thickness. Additionally, users can choose the colour. As a result, it is popular among architects who value aesthetics. Following installation, the system appears to be a natural part of the wall.

Due to the unit's low operation noise, it's difficult to notice its presence. This system is so simple to repair that users can do it themselves. Additionally, each machine includes a wall mounting bracket. A comprehensive user manual is included with the package. As a result, it will assist in comprehending how to use the unit. As recommended, locate this wall-mounted dehumidifier as close to the pool as possible. However, it should not exceed 150 cm above the pool level. The DRY 500 system is equipped with a variety of extra features that can be customised to meet specific requirements. As a result, it will assist in cost savings without jeopardising bargaining performance.


DRY 500 is a dehumidifier for business pools. It is available in three finishes: silver, metal, and plastic. The body casing is made of rust-resistant material. For instance, it is composed of layers of galvanised powder-coated metal or plastic. It is suited for a pool with a surface area of 66 square metres under normal conditions. As a result, it is appropriate for small to medium-sized home pools. The air is suctioned from the bottom. It features a fibreglass duct filter at the suction.

This swimming pool dehumidifier features an A+ energy-efficient compressor. As a result, it conserves energy and operates quietly. Compressors of the highest grade from LG or Daikin are used. This gadget consumes a maximum of 1000 watts. It is capable of delivering 800 CMH air with this power intake. This wall-mounted dehumidifier comes with an external gas boiler or heater contract. It is a self-contained low voltage contact. As a result, your dehumidifier can be converted into an automatic warmer. Additionally, you can floor install this item with the aid of a stand.

Operation of a Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier

DRY series dehumidifiers for indoor pools are simple to operate. Similarly, it is simple to install. This unit's control panel included a right-side panel. We can adjust the required humidity level from this panel. Additionally, you may monitor the current humidity level and temperature. You have two options for the fan. Even when the compressor is turned off, you can choose to run a fan. Alternatively, you can turn off the fan when the compressor is turned off.

The Control panel is compact in size yet is densely packed with controls. This unit can communicate over any distance with the HYG 6001 wired humidistat. Similarly, you can choose a wireless humidistat such as the EASY 300. It is capable of displaying parameters in real time. The wireless type has a range of only 30 to 100 metres. DRY 500 wall mount dehumidifiers are also suitable for outdoor installation. You can order the unit with microLIGHT+ features as an option. This feature illustrates the room's humidity level using different coloured lights in the background.

DRY 500's USPs

  1. DRY 500 is available in a variety of finishes. Additionally, users can choose the colour. As a result, it contributes to the attractiveness of the indoor pool room.
  2. This item features a radial fan. As a result, the system distributes more air while producing less noise.
  3. The DRY series wall-mounted dehumidifiers are compatible with external gas boilers and heaters. Each unit does not include a current contact.
  4. It features an intuitive control panel. Additionally, the user has the option of using a wired or wireless external control panel.
  5. It is equipped with a fibreglass dust filter. However, you can get a device equipped with a high-grade filter as well.
  6. With various customizable functions, the DRY indoor pool dehumidifier can be customised to meet specific requirements.
Specifications DRY500 METAL DRY 500 WAVE DRY500 SILVER
Capacity* [l/24h] 101 101 101
Capacity* *[l/24h] 66 66 66
Casing Type Metal Plastic (acryl) Stainless Steel
Casing color Tiger White Silver
Airflow [m³/h] 800 800 800
Humidity range [%] 20-100 20-100 20-100
Temp. range [°C] 22-35 22-35 22-35
Power consp. [W] 1000 1000 1000
Power [V/Hz] 230/1ph/50 230/1ph/50 230/1ph/50
Sound level [dB(A)] 44 44 44
Heat output [W] 3500 3500 3500
Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A
Protection [IP] 44 44 44
Product size [mm] 1245 x 660 x 300 1245 x 660 x 255 1245 x 660 x 300
Weight [kg] 77 77 77

* At 30°C, 80% RH | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.