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Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring

CtrlTech – Environmental Monitoring System in UAE

CTRL alerts you to our versatilized data centre and server room monitoring systems if anything is gone in your server environment.

Environment Monitoring sensors

Our Expertise with temperature & humidity Monitoring

  • Realtime Data Centre Equipment and Environmental Monitoring
  • Potential Problem Identification & Notification Through Ethernet & Telephone
  • Experience of Delivering 100+ Environment Monitoring Solution
  • Remote access to key infrastructure and the ability to make quick and simple modifications

Get Rid of Unnecessary Downtime

Environmental Monitoring system

Early communication of the undesired environmental conditions and the status of equipment via SMS, email or alarm is provided through environmental monitoring system in server room and data centre.

It has several IT, Power & HVAC equipment.

Datacenter. It is very important to detect any unwanted parameter early in order to ensure the reliable functioning of the data centre.

If temperature and moisture are more or less than necessary, it can cause server breakdown. The server room monitoring system continuously monitor moisture and temperature with the aid of sensors connected to it and informs the user if it is beyond the set limit. Equipment such as UPS, FM200 and Close Control Unit can be monitored with dry contacts by most advanced control systems. Environmental monitoring supports several protocol types for integration into the LAN/WAN network and building management system (BMS). And so we can monitor the data centre remotely using the environmental monitoring system. The right monitoring system with sufficient number of sensor inputs is required depending on the size of the server room and the number of devices to be monitored. For bigger ones.

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Environmental Monitoring

Our Environmental Monitoring System

Facility monitoring system FMS

Facility Monitoring System FMS

Server room Monitoring System

Server Room Monitoring System


A few blade servers can generate large amounts of heat that can affect the overall server room temperature. It is important that your temperature is monitored. A simple failure in the HVAC or voltage systems can lead to a devastating occurrence in a data centre.

The temperature is unfortunately not the only environmental factor in a data centre that can affect the servers. Similar conditions can affect the server room, such as humidity, leakages, breathes, airflow shortages, peaks/voltage drops and theft.

You know that your server space and your equipment are important to keep cool, but do you understand why?

High humidity and extreme heat can lead to major damage to the critical equipment. When the heat is high, many of your equipment's components are only rated to work in a specific temperature range. If the temperature of your server room exceeds this limit, your devices may stop working – or worse, they will fry completely, permanently damaging them.

For moisture, it is known that water and electronics aren't well mixed.

A small amount of water in the air can be handled by your gear. However, you could start experiencing trouble if the humidity hits a certain percentage. If the humidity in your server room is too high, the air water can actually have electric shorts for your equipment.

Whilst you may be fortunate that you dry the equipment out, it will be necessary to replace the damage caused by water mostly permanently damaged. To ensure your server room is properly monitored, you need to replace expensive equipment due to preventable damage.

Reduced downtime and reliability of equipment:

You're the first to know when things go wrong. Minimize downtime by warning about server and other network device damages conditions.

Reduced OPEX

Server environmental monitoring devices help you to reduce costs for substitute equipment and to more effectively distribute the workforce.

Greater satisfaction amongst employees

The integrated notification features, such as e-mail, SMS and SNMP traps, allow employees to manage their work better.

  1. It can damage servers when the temperature is too high. Overheating could lead to continuous damage.
  2. While low temperatures should be used to maintain server uptime, energy consumption can be expensive. Rapid temperature changes should also be avoided (from hot to cold or vice-versa), as they can lead to condensation. Extreme temperatures can lead also to dry air, resulting in static power.
  3. If the humidity is too high, the condensation can cause hardware corrosion and electronics failure.
  4. It can cause electrostatic discharge (ESD) when humidity is too low, which can damage sensitive electronic components.

Water leaks are without doubt one of the most important causes of inefficiency. The causes can be caused by weather, cracked pipes, or blocked HVAC systems drainage or drain pan. Voltage peaks or drops may also interrupt equipment and create power interruptions. Monitoring power to prevent failures, failures and over-consumption is essential.

The retention of recommended environmental conditions like temperature, moisture, power and the avoidance of water flows can ensure total reliability and service life at all costs within the data centre.

Indoor or outdoor server rooms can be monitored. An internal sensor which monitors a single device component could be its fan speed, temperature, voltage, etc. Almost every computer and processor has a built-in internal sensor that collects data.

On the other hand, external sensors collect server room information. You can find them on the cabinets, on racks and keep an eye on the whole room. smoke detectors, thermal and humidity sensors, airflows, water leakages, etc, are available in external sensors.

Environmental Monitoring