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Warehouse Dehumidification system

FSD-480L warehouse dehumidification system

FSD-480L Warehouse Dehumidification System

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FSD-480L industrial dehumidifier for the warehouse is the best for Greenhouses. This warehouse dehumidification system has a high capacity. SKU: CT-DEHUM-WD-FSD-480L MPN: CT-DEHUM-WD-FSD-480L Category: Warehouse dehumidification system. Tags: Warehouse dehumidification system Brand: CtrlTech

Warehouse Dehumidifier

A warehouse dehumidifier eliminates humidity in large rooms. As a result, it safeguards commodities, machinery, and the internal structure of the storage facility. During loading, moisture enters warehouses through crevices and large doors. And it carries a slew of complications with it. As a result, an effective warehouse dehumidification system is required. Additionally, it might help you save money by lowering your electricity bill. Simultaneously, it improves workplace comfort and productivity.

Dehumidifying large spaces, such as storage rooms, is difficult. Special considerations must be made while sizing and installing the system in such locations. Certain items are vulnerable to excessive humidity. For instance, drugs, paper, cigarettes, carpets, food, and fabric require a dry atmosphere. A high moisture level in the storage area for these commodities may deteriorate them. Thus, for many businesses, industrial dehumidifiers for warehouses are the finest investment. A portable unit is the appropriate answer for small warehouses. A freestanding or ducted dehumidifier, on the other hand, is a good alternative for large storage areas.

The Characteristics of a Dehumidifier for a Warehouse

The FSD series industrial dehumidifier is unique in its features. To begin, its cost to capacity ratio is substantially lower. In other words, users save money by purchasing a high-capacity model. Additionally, these warehouse dehumidification systems are quite robust. Simultaneously, it requires little maintenance and is simple to fix. Humid air is constantly dense and tends to settle close to the ground. As a result, this unit's intake grill is located on the front bottom side.

Warehouses are always equipped with a high ceiling. Thus, FSD sends dry air upward to dry it uniformly. Warehouses always have a massive total volume. As a result, the warehouse's dehumidifier must quickly dry a significant volume of air. The FSD series machines do this by having a high airflow capacity. Due to its tiny size, it takes up less room, making the available space more productive. When it comes to repair, any AC specialist is capable. A power and drainage point should be available for commissioning. The control panel is simple to use and saves the most recent settings.

Design of a Warehouse Dehumidification System

The internal components of this model contribute to its reliability. This warehouse dehumidifier is constructed with high-quality components. A dehumidifier's compressor and coils are its heart. A rotary compressor is used in the FSD warehouse dehumidification system. Due to the fact that it utilises R410 gas, it conserves energy and helps the environment. Additionally, due to the usage of a keel motor, it is efficient and silent.

The body casing is constructed from thick iron fame and cold-rolled steel sheets. Additionally, it is powder-coated for aesthetics and anticorrosion properties. As a result, it is a durable system with a long life. It features a centrifugal fan. As a result, this machine is capable of delivering enormous volumes of air quietly. The unit is silent due to the hydrophilic film coating on the coils. At the moment, it increases the coils' heating and cooling efficiency.

Users may order units equipped with an expansion valve as an option. The unit's responsiveness is enhanced with high-quality sensors. The FSD system's finest feature is its low running cost.

Dehumidifier in Operation at a Warehouse

The FSD unit is straightforward to operate thanks to its ultra-simple control panel. Indicators indicating modes and functions are located on the control panel. For instance, when the system is defrosting, a defrost LED will illuminate. Similarly, when users specify a delay timer, the timing LED illuminates.

The panel's display indicates the current room humidity and temperature. Once the user selects the desired humidity level, the machine will power on and shut off according to that setting. Use the add and subtract buttons to adjust the humidity. If you wish to operate the unit without shutting it down, set it to CO mode.

The mode button simplifies the process of configuring the device for a particular application. A dry mode switch enables the machine to operate at maximum capacity. As a result, this mode significantly reduces humidity in a short period of time. Similarly, the comfort mode operates the device at 60% relative humidity to conserve energy.

The Advantages of a Greenhouse Dehumidifier

  1. The warehouse dehumidifier system maintains a dry environment. As a result, it safeguards perishable materials such as meat, vegetables, and packaged food.
  2. In manufacturers, a wet shop floor can cause machine corrosion. Thus, the warehouse dehumidifier prevents machinery from rust.
  3. Moisture makes factories hot and uninviting places to work. Additionally, it contributes to worker tiredness. As a result, productivity is decreased. A warehouse dehumidifier improves worker comfort and productivity.
  4. Wet air causes areas to be hotter than they should be. As a result, the AC must be set to a lower temperature to chill it. As a result, businesses face exorbitant electricity prices.
  5. However, a dehumidifier saves money by drying the air and making it easier to cool. Additionally, it lowers the cost of AC maintenance and extends its life.
Capacity 480 L/day
Volt 380/400V, 50hz 3Ǿ
Power 9000 Watts
Air Volume 3600 CMH
Coolant R410A
Running Temp 5 – 38°C
Compressor Panasonic/LG
Tank Full Indication Yes
Adjust Humidistat Yes
Automatic defrost Yes
Hose Connection Yes
Filter Basic filter
Hygrometer Yes
Noise Level 59dB(A)
Dimension and Weight
Product weight 50 kg
Package weight 65 kg
Product size: H (Inches) 495 x 593 x 980 mm
Package size 525 x 620 x 1010 mm

* At 30°C, 80% RH | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.