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FSD-240L Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

FSD indoor pool dehumidifier

FSD-240L Indoor Pool Dehumidifier

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FSD-240LIndoor Pool Dehumidification system is a freestanding unit. This indoor pool dehumidifier offered at low prices in Dubai, Muscat, Jeddah & Riyadh. SKU: CT-FSD240L-B-FM-1 MPN: CT-FSD240L-B-FM-1 Category: Pool Dehumidification Tags: Indoor Pool Dehumidification, Swimming Pool Dehumification Brand: CtrlTech

Dehumidification of Swimming Pools

Dehumidification is a critical component of any indoor pool area. As a result, it must be planned during the swimming pool design stage. The water in an indoor swimming pool generates dampness. This moisture causes problems since it becomes trapped in the room. Additionally, when the air conditioner is turned on owing to the cold, humidity is condensed. We can generate dry air with an indoor pool dehumidifier.

Chlorine is also mixed into the air as a result of evaporation from the pool water. As a result, this moisture not only breeds mould but also has the potential to cause health problems. Nowadays, every specialist recommends a dehumidifier for a swimming pool. As previously stated, we should incorporate a pool room dehumidifier throughout the construction phase. It will provide ample opportunity for selecting the appropriate unit type. However, if we are replacing an existing pool, floor mount units are the greatest option. It does not necessitate any revisions to the civil code.

Features of the FSD-240L Pool Dehumidification System

The FSD-240L is a floor-mounted dehumidifier designed for use in areas with high humidity levels. Additionally, the pool is the worst source of wetness.

FSD-240L was developed with a large capacity and airflow to handle such a big load. As a result, this device is often employed in warehouses. Due to its freestanding design, it takes up less space. As a result, the machine is ideal for a small home pool.

This pool dehumidifier is very simple to install. To install the unit, all that is required is a power source and a drainage point. It came equipped with four universally lockable wheels. As a result, it can easily relocate. On the front panel is the control board. A grille is supplied on the front side for air intake. This dehumidification system for an indoor pool exhausts air from the top. The body casing is constructed from cold-rolled steel and powder coated. Apart from pools, it is utilised as a dehumidifier in warehouses. It is capable of processing a big volume of air at a time. This capability enables it to rapidly dehumidify large spaces.

Specifications for a Dehumidifier for an Indoor Pool

The FSD series unit is equipped with a high-performance rotary compressor. Additionally, it utilises an environmentally friendly gas such as R410a. The compressor is resistant to heat and cold. As a result, it can maintain normal operation during the hot summer and the freezing winter. The compressor keel motor compresses the winding wire, increasing its efficiency. Additionally, it is constructed with noise-reducing components.

Coils of the evaporator and condenser are coated with a hydrophilic aluminium wing film. This film aids in the condensing of water and the formation of water beds. As a result, condensed water does not obstruct airflow, and noise is reduced. Additionally, it accelerates the cooling and heating processes. This dehumidification system for swimming pools is equipped with rapid sensors. The unit's centrifugal fan enables it to distribute enormous amounts of air quietly. Additionally, this technology is used in subterranean storage facilities, industrial floors, and basements.

How to Operate the Pool Dehumidifier?

The control panel on the FSD warehouse dehumidifier is simple to operate. Users can adjust all necessary parameters from this panel. The panel incorporates a number of energy-saving features. However, it does not sacrifice performance. The machine can be set to comfort mode to conserve energy. In this mode, the device operates at a low airflow rate and is tuned to a moderately high humidity level. As a result, it conserves energy and so reduces operational costs.

Additionally, the machine can be programmed to shut off automatically after a specified number of hours. Users can accomplish this by setting a delay timer. Similarly, we can provide a delay for the unit to start. When this system is being used for drying, it can be set to dry mode. For instance, a carpet cleaning centre will require a drying feature. In the drying setup, the machine operates in continuous dehumidification mode. We can also specify required random humidity values for other applications such as pools. With its computerised controls, this pool dehumidification equipment operates efficiently.

The Advantages of the FSD-240L Warehouse Dehumidifier.

  1. This unit occupies a small footprint. As a result, it is ideal for a domestic indoor pool with limited area.
  2. The system can be easily relocated with the assistance of the wheels.
  3. FSD machines feature a large capacity for drying and airflow. As a result, it can also be used to dehumidify large spaces.
  4. This pool dehumidification equipment features a comfort setting and a delay timer to conserve energy.
  5. It is climate-friendly due to the usage of refrigerant gases such as R410.
  6. On top, a centrifugal fan increases the efficiency and quietness of the machine.
Capacity 240 L/day
Volt 380/400V, 50hz 3Ǿ
Power 4450 Watts
Air Volume 1800 CMH
Coolant R410A
Running Temp 5 – 38°C
Compressor Panasonic/LG
Digital Controller Yes
Adjust Humidistat Yes
Automatic defrost Yes
External drain Yes
Filter Basic filter
Hygrometer Yes
Protection Delayed startup
Dimension and Weight
Product weight 135 kg
Package weight 149 kg
Product size 680 x 460 x 1710 mm
Package size 780 × 560 × 1870 mm

* At 30°C, 80% RH | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.