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Servo Stabilizer

CT33 Servo Stabilizer

CT33 Servo Stabilizer

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A servo stabilizer is a must-have power protection device. Servo voltage regulators are used to counter the ill effects of voltage fluctuations with the help of a servo motor control. Now available in Dubai, UAE, Muscat, Doha, & Kuwait. SKU: CT-33-0000-SM-3P MPN: CT-33-0000-SM-3P Category: Servo Stabilizer Tags: Servo Stabilizer, servo regulator Brand: CtrlTech

What is a Servo voltage stabilizer?

A servo regulator uses a servo motor-controlled mechanism to correct the voltages. For heavy loads like motors, elevators, or industrial machines, the servo mechanism is more reliable than a static system. It lets you maintain peace of mind while operating a servo voltage stabiliser. Additionally, you can anticipate enhanced protection. Additional components such as MCCB and MCB contribute to this.

CT33 series Voltage regulators are servo drive structure, microcontroller controlled heavy duty devices which regulate mains voltage for critical loads.

The servo voltage stabilizers are incredibly reliable and capable of withstanding large inrush currents. When servo voltage regulators are compared to relay-based systems, it has a faster correction speed. Additionally, you may anticipate the servo motor stabilizers to provide a highly precise stabilized output.

How does a servo motor stabilizer work?

Servo stabilizer AVR consists of a buck-boost transformer, an autotransformer, a controll circuit, and a servo motor mechanism. Secondary of the buck-boost transformer connected to the input power supply. While the one terminal of its primary to a fixed tab of the autotransformer. And another terminal connected to the moving arm of the servo mechanism. When the control system senses a dip or rise in the input voltage, it triggers the servo motor to move its arm to adjust the number of winding of the auto transfer to correct the output voltage.

A microprocessor-controlled circuit governs the whole system to correct output voltages with speed.

Features of CT33 servo regulators.

  1. Customize input voltage correction range.
  2. Available in three-phase and single-phase input/output configurations.
  3. Available from 1kVA to 1200kVA capacity.
  4. Independent phase control.
  5. Non-Linear charges drive.
  6. Fast Regulation with an accuracy of ±1%.
  7. High-reliability thanks to Microprocessor and Smart Driver.
  8. High efficiency.
  9. Load transfer to bypass via pole charge switch.
  10. Safe and economical usage.
  11. Overcurrent and overload protection.
  12. Digitally displayed status, input, and out measurements