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Commercial dehumidification System

CDM-150L commercial dehumidification system

CDM-150L Commercial Dehumidification System

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Get a high-quality CDM-150L commercial dehumidification system. This mobile dehumidifier has suitable for Medicine, Chemical, & Tobacco industry. SKU: CT-CDM150L-Y-PD-1 MPN: CT-CDM150L-Y-PD-1 Category: commercial dehumidification System Tags: commercial dehumidification Brand: CtrlTech

Heavy duty dehumidifier CDM-150L.

CDM-150L is one of the best commercial dehumidification systems. It is a mobile dehumidifier with an extraction capacity of 150 liters per day. This unit can operate in rough conditions like construction sites, oilfields, and yards. Also, it is equipped with branded compressors made by Hitachi or Panasonic or equivalent.

A fully automatic operation is the USP of this unit. Internal hygrostat senses the room humidity continuously. If the room humidity exceeds the set value, the compressor starts the dehumidification process. Similarly, when room humidity is already less than set, the unit will go into sleep mode to save power.

Features of commercial dehumidification System.

  1. It has an extraction capacity of 150 liters per day, making it a large-scale dehumidifier.
  2. CDM-150L dyers have high-quality internal components, which make them reliable.
  3. The body casing is made of steel with powder-coated paint to protect it from corrosion.
  4. It is a plug-n-play device. Installation is effortless and quick.
  5. CDM-150L commercial dehumidification system supported with sturdy four wheels and handle that makes it mobile.
  6. The power consumption of this commercial air dehumidifier is less.

Control Panel of CDM-150L commercial air dehumidifier.

An LCD-based control panel makes its operation a user-friendly experience. Users can control this industrial dehumidification unit from this board. LCD always shows the current room moisture level. And with the help of the "Plus" and "Subtract" buttons, the user can set the required humidity level.

Color LCD also shows fan speed, timer, and mode of operation. Any fault in the system will be displayed with an error code. Thus, it is easy to troubleshoot. The refrigeration circuit uses an environmentally friendly R410 refrigerant system. The coils of this commercial dehumidification system are copper.

What makes it reliable?

  1. Genuine and efficient rotary compressor.
  2. A sealed copper motor makes this unit durable.
  3. It has a copper condenser with the hydrophilic aluminum foil treatment to increase its efficiency.
  4. An automatic defrosting mechanism.
  5. A centrifugal fan delivers high airflow.
Capacity 150 Liters / day
Voltage 220V, 50 Hz 1Ph
Power Consumption Max 1495 Watts
Air Volume 1500 CMH
Coolant R410A
Running Temp 5 – 38°C
Compressor Rotary
Adjust Humidistat Yes
Automatic defrost Yes
Hose Connection Yes
Noise Level 55 dBA
Handle Fixed Handle
Protections Delay start protection, IPX21
Dimension and Weight
Product weight 55 kg
Product size: (W x D x H) mm 690 x 530 x 985

* At 30°C, 80% RH | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.