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Commercial Portable Dehumidifier

CDM-138L commercial portable dehumidifier

CDM-138L Commercial Portable Dehumidifier

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CDM-138L is a portable industrial dehumidification system. This commercial pool dehumidification machine offered in Dubai, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. SKU: CT-CDM138L-R-PD-1 MPN: CT-CDM138L-R-PD-1 Category: commercial portable dehumidifier Tags: commercial portable dehumidifier Brand: CtrlTech

Dehumidification System for Industrial Use

CDM-138L is a big capacity industrial dehumidification device that is portable. Additionally, this is one of the few machines with a large capacity and built-in tank. Please keep in mind that the phrase "dehumidification" is a broad one. As a result, it must be comprehended and addressed through appropriate research. CDM-138L dehumidification unit for industrial and pool use. Thus, let us examine this paradigm in greater depth.

Certain applications necessitate the temporary use of a unit with a high rating. For instance, flood catastrophe recovery necessitates the use of a powerful dehumidifier for a brief period. In this instance, you'll require a unit with an internal container. Arranging a drainage point for such interim use is impractical. The CDM-138L commercial dehumidifier addresses this void. CtrlTech distributes this device in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar.

Characteristics of commercial portable dehumidifier

The capacity and robustness of the CDM-138L are two highly desired characteristics. The metal body casing is powder coated. As a result, it can survive heavy use. R410a gas is used in the compressor. As a result, it is proactive in terms of climate conservation. Additionally, a centrifugal fan consumes less energy. The fan is equipped with a copper sealed motor that is based on the Bessel duct design. As a result, less wind is lost and more air is delivered.

It is equipped with a huge container for collecting condensate water generated throughout the procedure. Additionally, the unit can be connected to a drain point. It comes equipped with an internal tank and is ready to use at any location. The tank can be accessed by pressing the push lock on the front. Air entering the intake must pass through a thick filter. Additionally, air is discharged through the side grills. The system is easily displaceable due to the four wheels. On topside, a panel of this industrial dehumidification system.

Features That can be Added

The configuration you make is saved in internal memory. As a result, the machine restarts with the same settings. It saves considerable time. Frequently, the CDM-138L system is repaired at remote locations. In these instances, the auto-restart feature comes in helpful. When power is restored, the unit automatically restarts. It features an auto defrost mechanism, as is required for the condensation unit.

Copper piping is used to connect the condenser. As a result, the system becomes more efficient. Internally, the unit is divided between dry and moist portions. Additionally, it features self-contained electrical control. As a result, this system gains reliability. This unit is really easy to maintain. Only one panel needs to be opened to provide access to internal spares. Place this industrial dehumidification system with clearance for the greatest results. It is an easy-to-use plug-and-play device. It requires no installation.

Control Panel for an Industrial Dehumidification System

The CDM-138L's panel is straightforward, functional, and simple to operate. As a result, any member of staff on-site can operate this system. The user interface is mounted on the top for easy access. The label on the button explains its purpose. In a nutshell, each button is precisely specified. It features an LED display that indicates the current humidity level. In a similar vein, it indicates the room temperature as well. Additionally, it features LEDs for defrosting, powering on, indicating a full tank, and a timer.

The CO button activates the unit's continuous drying mode. This signifies that the system will not shut down at a predetermined level. By contrast, the set button enables us to specify cut-off humidity levels. Users can adjust the desired moisture level using the add and remove buttons. Thus, the unit comes to a halt when the room humidity falls below the predetermined value. To dry garments, the machine can be adjusted to a high airflow and a 50% relative humidity. Comfort mode conserves energy. The industrial dehumidification system is set to 60% RH in this mode. Additionally, the fan should be set to a low speed.

CDM-138L's Unique Selling Points

  1. Metal body. As a result, the unit can withstand shocks and impacts.
  2. It is simple to set up and remove with a large tank.
  3. To ensure safety, the machine comes to a halt when the bucket is full. Additionally, it illuminates the tank full symbol.
  4. It is capable of configuring itself because to the built-in outage memory.
  5. Mode selection with a single button press. As a result, it is simple to use.
  6. Users can select a delay on or off timer to conserve energy.
  7. The unit's reliability is enhanced by electronic control and a wet/dry separation arrangement.
  8. The machine is simple to maintain and consumes little energy. As a result, the unit has a low operating cost.
Capacity 138 Liters/day
Volt 230V, 50/60 Hz
Power Max 1680 Watts
Tank Capacity 8 Liters
Air Volume 1000 CMH
Coolant R410A
Running Temp 5 – 38°C
Wheels Yes
Humidity Setting Yes
Drain Hose Terminal for Continuous drainage.
Handle Fixed Handle
Noise Level 59dB
Dimension and Weight
Product weight 50 kg
Product size: H (Inches) 495 x 593 x 980 mm

* At 30°C, 80% RH | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.