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Portable dehumidifiers for warehouse

CD 85L Warehouse Dehumidification System

CD-85L portable dehumidifiers for warehouse

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Powerful CD-85L portable dehumidifier for warehouse protects the material from high humidity. Now available with the improved specification. Avail of a special offer for clients in KIZAD & Jabel Ali. SKU: CT-DEHUM-WD-CD-85L MPN: CT-DEHUM-WD-CD-85L Category: Dehumidifier for warehouse Tags: Dehumidifier for warehouse Brand: CtrlTech

CD-85L dehumidifier for warehouse

The CD-85L industrial dehumidifier can extract 85 liters of moisture each day. It is a mobile dehumidification system. As we are aware, numerous industrial applications require low relative humidity. As a result, industrial dehumidifiers for warehouses are in high demand. Apart from the portable variety, users can opt for ceiling, duct, or wall-mount units. CtrlTech is a maker of efficient dryers in the United Arab Emirates. They have the most competitive dehumidifier prices.

CD-85L unit has a noncorrosive plastic body casing. Thus, it can operate under highly humid conditions. This humidity remover machine has an inbuilt condensate pump. Also, pneumatic wheels with rubber padding are silent. A washable filter is provided at the inlet. The best feature is it has a round collar at the outlet so that we can connect the flexible duct. A Panasonic rotary compressor makes it more efficient.

How to operate a CD-85L dehumidifier?

CD-85L is a plug-n-play warehouse dehumidification system. Users can switch on/off unit from the control panel and choose the required moisture level. One-line LED display shows the present humidity level and other parameters. Three LED indication shows on/off status, defrost mode, and Purge operation.

Purge is the function during which the pump flushes out stored water from the internal tank of the system. So, during the transportation of the dehumidifier, water will not spill over. Users can activate the purge function by using the "P" button on the panel. It has an automatic defrosting system. Thus, CD-85L dehum is suitable to use even in cold places also.

CD-85L industrial dryer features

Some of the important USPs of the CD-85L are as follows:

  1. This industrial dehumidifier for warehouses is light can compact.
  2. With an Anti-corrosive plastic body, it is durable.
  3. The condensate pump makes the unit suitable to use at any place.
  4. Auto stop when humidity is reduced to the set value.
  5. The centrifugal fan delivers high airflow, and it has a long lifespan.
  6. The automatic defrost system avoids ice formation on its coil and increases the system's efficiency.


The CD-85L heavy-duty dehumidifier is built to endure the rigors of industrial operation. This industrial dehumidifier system's shell is constructed of high-quality plastic. As a result, it has a noncorrosive character. Some of the uses of this dehumidifier for the warehouse are as follows.

  1. CD-85L industrial dehumidifier is used in food processing sectors such as chocolate, fruit drying, tea, and potato chip manufacturing.
  2. It is used in the leather and rubber sectors to prevent odors and quality degradation.
  3. CD-85L air dehumidifiers are used in museums and libraries to safeguard expensive artifacts and historical documents.
  4. It is suitable for high-humidity water treatment plants to prevent machinery corrosion.
  5. The CD-85L commercial dehumidification system is mainly used in the marine industry.
Model CD – 85L
Moisture Removal capacity 85L/day (300C RH80%)
50L/day (270C rh60%)
Power Supply 220-240V/50Hz
Rated Power 990W
Rated Current 4.7A
Max Power 1370W
Max Current 6.4A
Maximum Suction Pressure 2.5MPa
Maximum Discharge Pressure 4.5MPa
Refrigerant R410a/740g
Operating Range 50C- 350C
Net Weight 44Kg
Product Size 530 x 515 x 830 mm