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Server Room Monitoring System

Server room Monitoring System

Server Room Monitoring System

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A server room monitoring system is an integral part of any data center to keep track of temperature and humidity inside the racks & equipment health. It notifies users by SMS, Emails, and phone call in the event of an alarm condition. SKU: Server-Room-Monitoring-Sys-002 MPN: Server-Room-Monitoring-Sys-002 Category: Environmental Monitoring Tags: Server room monitoring Brand: CtrlTech

Why does a server room monitoring system need?

Environmental monitoring tools enable you to actively monitor the conditions in your rack climate conditions and other devices like UPS, STS, PDUs, generators, Precision air conditioners, etc. Also, it can continuously take inputs from different locations where we must protect vital assets. Extreme temperatures, humidity, electrical spikes and surges, water leaks, smoke, and chemical compounds are all monitored. A proper server room monitoring system alerts you to any condition that could negatively influence your mission-critical equipment. Additionally, these technologies can alert you to the possibility of damage caused by human error, hacking, or prying fingers.

Server room equipment consumes more energy and generates more heat than ever before. High temperatures can impair the performance of equipment and potentially cause damage. Internal fragments enlarge and separate from one another, or they can burn. Effective server room temperature monitoring and maintenance are crucial for keeping your equipment safe and functioning well.

How datacenter monitoring system works?

A monitoring system for the environment is composed of three primary components: a base unit or hub, probes or sensors, and network connectivity and integration. The hubs may include one or more integrated sensors and connectors for connecting external probes. Additionally, they contain an Ethernet interface and remote configuration and graphing software. Additionally, we may use this software in conjunction with pre-existing network management software, such as SNMP systems.