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Leak Detector Sensors

Leak Detector Sensors

CtrlTech – Suppliers of Best Leak Detector Sensors in UAE

At CtrlTech, we combine our experience and expertise with Dehumidification solutions for many Swimming Pool purpose

Leakage detector sensors

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  • Our professionals come to your place to assess your demands and building. This helps them understand which system to employ to get the best outcomes.
  • Our systems are extremely adaptable. They can be simply connected to any current system via wires or a web-based interface. As a result, our system is simple to setup and integrate.
  • We provide extremely cost-effective solutions for your water leakage detection requirements. We endeavour to provide the highest-quality services and equipment at the most economical prices.
  • We have over 15 years of experience in this industry. Throughout our careers, we have installed water leak detection systems in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. With such a diverse range of experience, we are a great choice for water leak detecting systems.
  • We have a network of local service centres located around the country. It enables us to provide rapid assistance to our consumers in the event of an emergency. All you have to do is call us and describe the difficulty you're having, and a member of our staff will contact you promptly.
  • We provide systems from a variety of manufacturers, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. Nonetheless, all brands are excellent choices. You can choose any of them based on your requirements and budget.

Advantages of Cable sensor

Cable Sensors Have a Number of Advantages Over Probe and Point Sensors; Here Are Some of Them:

Leakage detector sensors suppliers

1.Cable sensors can be wrapped around any piece of equipment that requires protection.

Any water leaking in the vicinity of such equipment will activate the alarm, thereby protecting it.

2.They are strong and durable due to the fact that they are made of an abrasion-resistant polymer.

As a result, they can continue to function normally even if someone walks over them.

3. Because the cable operates on the principle of conductive current, its sensitivity can be reduced to eliminate false alarms caused by humidity.

4. They are incredibly flexible, making them ideal for bending and turning to fit into any space.

5. Multiple cable sensors may be connected exceptionally easily thanks to the matching connectors on both ends.

6.Economical, as they do not need to be changed after each detection. Simply wipe them dry and they will be as good as new.

7.They are extremely exact and accurate.

8.They are suitable for both zone detection and distance-read leak detection systems.

9.They are very useful in areas where the source of the leak is inaccessible.

10.The sensor cable identifies the precise position of the leak, which saves considerable time.

11.They are capable of detecting leaks around their peripheral, whereas probe sensors and point sensors are limited to detecting leaks at a single spot.


It is critical to assess the total length of wire necessary prior to installing our water leak detecting system. Please follow the procedures outlined below to complete the calculation:

Step1: Take measurements of the area in which you wish to deploy the cable sensor.

Take precise measurements, as an incorrect measurement may result in a delay in the procedure, as additional cable will be required, and the process will be lengthy.

Step2: If you intend to install the cable from an offset wall, determine the offset's distance from the wall.

The other alternative is to measure the distance between each cable length and put the cable back and forth. The term "Total Feet" or "Total Meter" refers to this total length.

Step 3: Calculate the number of J-pins required by measuring the distance between j-pins.

Step 4: Additionally, determine the distance between the cable identification tags and, after completed, determine the total number of identification tags required.

Once you've determined the total length of cable, you can contact us to place an order.

A water leak detecting sensor is an electronic gadget that detects the presence of water when it comes into contact with it. Then it generates an alarm or sends a single message to the central panel informing the user. On the market, there are point, probe, and cable sensors.

It is beneficial to minimise financial losses in any location prone to leaks. It is frequently recommended to install in server rooms, data centres, pump rooms, warehouses, and other structures.

It operates on the conductivity concept. Two conducting plates twist together with space inside the outer wrapping of a leak sensor cable. Water, as we all know, is an excellent conductor of electricity. Thus, when leaking water comes into contact with the cable, it shorts both conductive plats of the sensor cable. As a result, it is capable of producing a single signal to detect a water leak.

  1. It contributes to the probability of detecting a leak.
  2. When used with a distance read panel, it assists in determining the precise position of a water leak.
  3. Rope leak sensors are extremely sturdy and straightforward to install.
  4. It is adaptable. As a result, they are convenient to place in and around any location.
  5. It's simple to detach, relocate, and reconnect.

Cable for water leaks is available in standard lengths of five, ten, and twenty metres. As a result, its price ranges from USD 120 to USD 380.

  1. SC cable was manufactured by RLE.
  2. Water leak rope FG-ECS.
  3. Sensor cable for Aqualeak.
  4. Leak Detection Cable Liebert® LT500Y

Probe sensors: Probe sensors are used to identify a precise spot of water leakage. This sensor features a rugged housing and an adjustable height. It is equipped with two electrodes or probes that conduct low voltage.

When these probes come into contact with water, the detecting controller sounds an alarm, alerting the user to a possible water leak.

Certain types of point sensors operate on the basis of the refractive index. They are equipped with a hollow bulb that contains an infrared light source. When the water level falls below this bulb, the bulb's refractive index changes, alerting the sensors to the leak.

They are relatively inexpensive because they do not have to cover the entire surface. They should be repaired only in areas where there is a risk of water leaking.

They are quite durable. Due to their robust plastic casings, they are an excellent alternative for installation in environments prone to weathering and mechanical stress.

They include changeable heights, allowing them to be adjusted to the customer's specifications.

CtrlTech's Probe sensors are compatible with a variety of BMS and SCADA systems.

They can be fitted in confined spaces where a water leak is difficult to detect.