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Facility Monitoring System

Facility monitoring system FMS

Facility Monitoring System FMS

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A facility monitoring system or FMS is an economical substitute for a costly building management system (BMS). It can monitor UPS, CCTV, Fire Alarm panels, Leak detection systems, Air conditioners, pumps, and other equipment. SKU: Facility-Monitoring-Sys-001 MPN: Facility-Monitoring-Sys-001 Category: Facility Monitoring System Tags: Facility monitoring Brand: CtrlTech

What is a facility monitoring System?, How an FMS works?

Each facility has several devices, including power, safety, air conditioner, etc. For the smooth operation of any facility, one needs to continuously monitor these devices so that we respond immediately in case these equipment generate any alarm. The large facilities have a Building Management system (BMS) that keeps an eye on every functional machine in that building. But, for small offices or factories, it is wise to spend low costs on the BMS. Hence, for such facilities, we have a Facility Monitoring System.

A Facility monitoring system takes input from all equipment like UPS, stabilizers, Air conditioners, Water pumps, CCTV panels, and fire panels. It generates a centralized notification if it receives an alarm from any device.

How an FMS works?

Nowadays, every piece of equipment has either relay output, RJ45, RS232, or similar terminals to take input from these devices regarding their status. A facility monitoring system can connect to the device through these terminals. So, we can connect UPS, CCTV, Fire Alarm panel, Water leak detection system, pump room panel, etc., to the FMS. In the event of an alarm condition, FMS will notify users through Audio & visual alarms, SMS, Email, or phone call.