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Upflow and Downflow Type Close Control Unit

Upflow and downflow type close control unit

Upflow and Downflow Type Close Control Unit

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A close control air conditioner unit provides precise cooling & humidity control for server rooms & Datacenters. Get reliable brands like Airedale, Liebert, Stulz, Denco, Climaveneta, Vertiv, & BlueBox. SKU: CT-CCU-CRAC-036-DF MPN:CT-CCU-CRAC-036-DF Category: Close Control air conditioner Tags: Close Control air conditioner Brand: CtrlTech

Based on the direction of cool air discharge there are two types of Close control units. The precision air conditioner has three options two discharge cold air. It can be front, bottom, and top air discharge. Based on this, there are two types: downflow and upflow units. Both types have their own pros and cons. All modern datacentres are generally designed with downflow type of units.

Downflow Precision Air conditioner.

Cold air is heavy and hot air is always light. The Downflow unit discharges cold air from its bottom and suction of hot return air from its top. It is preferred for the datacenter and server rooms. Since hot air is light, it always tends to move up, thus it helps the unit to ensure proper recirculation of the air. Every IT room has raised floor and downflow unit installed exactly at the level to access the floor with the help of a stand provided by the manufacture. Raised floor provided with perforated tiles. Discharged cold air released into the server room through the perforated tiles. Depending on the total airflow of the height of the access flow needs to determine. Low height can cause noise in the room.

Upflow Computer room Air conditioner (CRAC)

As the name suggests, these units supply cold air from their top. Return air suction can be from the front or from the bottom. Upflow close control unit is preferred from very small IT rooms where the raised floor is not available or the height of the room is less. Like downflow type units, these units are also available in Direct expansion, chilled water, and dual fluid configuration. It needs discharge planum to direct air in a different direction. Or the top of the unit can be directly connected to the duct.

More about sever room cooling

Close Control Modular is available in four module sizes with nominal capacities of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 kW. These modules are the EDPAC modular concept's foundation. Unit selections can be made on the basis of a single module for a single circuit system or on the basis of any combination of two modules for a Twin Circuit or Duplex system. The Duplex arrangement is advantageous because it allows for the separation of the two modules within the room. This enables simple and quick room renovations with minimal inconvenience. Upflow and Downflow variants are offered, as well as top, bottom, front, and rear return options.

Direct expansion cooling media such as air or water/glycol, as well as chilled water, are offered. On direct expansion systems, an additional ECX-free cooling coil can be added. This ECX coil will result in significant energy savings by offering free cooling at low outdoor ambient temperatures and reducing compressor run time significantly. The Modular Range Units come standard with the following features:

Scroll Compressors, Electrode Steam Boiler Humidifiers, Stainless Steel Tubular Finned Electric Reheat, EU4 Filtration, Belt Driven Forward Curving Centrifugal Fans, Refrigerant, and the latest Delta microprocessor controllers that connect with the majority of BMS/BAS Systems.

For use with upflow units that will be installed in a freeblow configuration. Plenum is a sheet metal arrangement with three discharge grilles that is insulated. The grilles are of the twin deflector variety. The colour of the plenum will match the colour of the unit.