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SPD-240L Ceiling Mount Dehumidifier

SPD-240L ceiling mount dehumidifier

SPD-240L Ceiling Mount Dehumidifier

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SPD series dehumidifier for swimming pool has a capacity of 136 liters per day. This is an inline ducted dehumidifier for pool room dehumidification. SKU: CT-SPD-240L-W-CM-1 MPN: CT-SPD-240L-W-CM-1 Category: Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Tags: Pool Dehumidification, Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Brand: CtrlTech

Pool Dehumidifier

Each indoor pool area requires a pool dehumidifier. As a result, CtrlTech developed the SPD line of dehumidifiers for indoor pool rooms. It is a ducted dehumidifier with a controller mounted on the wall. Additionally, we can repair it in six distinct methods.

Humidity is created by pool water. As a result, this moisture is contained inside the indoor pool room. Additionally, when the space is cooled by an air conditioner, this humidity is condensed. As a result, condensation forms on the glass, the wall, and the ceiling. In a nutshell, it causes damage to our property. As a result, an indoor swimming pool required a pool dehumidification system.

The Characteristics of a Dehumidifier for a Swimming Pool

SPD is a dehumidifier that mounts on the wall. Additionally, it is ceiling mount ready. This industrial pool dehumidifier can dry up to 136 litres of water each day. Due to its small size, it can be installed above a false ceiling.

This device has a maximum airflow of around 1300 CMH. As a result, it can also be used in warehouses. The system is simple to install. This pool dehumidifier operates quietly. Additionally, this item is controlled by a user via an LCD wall mount controller.


Along with the machine, a lovely digital controller is included. As a result, people can operate this equipment effortlessly. The user can adjust the appropriate humidity level with this controller. The controller's LCD display indicates the current humidity level. Additionally, it displays the fan speed and mode of operation.

When the selected humidity level is less than the real, the compressor will activate. In other words, the dehumidification process begins. Additionally, the controller will display the compressor's status. SPD is the best pool dehumidifier on the market.

Dehumidifier for Pool Repair

Any ac specialist is capable of repairing this device. Additionally, anyone can perform maintenance on it. This unit can be installed in parallel with the supply or return ducts of an air conditioner. It can also connect between these ducts in the same vein. However, with this design, you must put a damper at the outlet to prevent back air. Additionally, if the central air conditioning is turned off, the unit may experience pressure concerns.

On the contrary, the stand-alone repair is capable of resolving the pressure issue. To be clear, the device operates in an independent mode and is not attached to any AC duct. It draws air from the pool room and returns it as dry air. This is the optimal method of installation for the pool dehumidifier. Most importantly, the machine continues to operate even when the AC is turned off.


SPD-136L's USP

  1. SPD-136L is a small device. Thus, in pool rooms, they are typically put above the artificial ceiling.
  2. Each unit includes an LCD controller. As a result, it is simple for the user.
  3. It operates quietly. As a result, it can be used as a home's inline duct dehumidifier.
  4. It enhances air quality by incorporating a filter at the input.
  5. It's a simple repair. Additionally, it is low-maintenance.
Capacity 136 Liters/day
Volt 220-240V/50 Hz
Power 1100 Watts
Air Volume 1300 CMH
Coolant R410A
Running Temp 5 – 38°C
Compressor Panasonic
Digital Controller Yes
Adjust Humidistat Yes
Automatic defrost Yes
External drain Yes
Filter Basic filter
Hygrometer Yes
IP rating IPX04
Dimension and Weight
Product weight 60 kg
Package weight 65 kg
Product size: H (Inches) 685 x 532 x 422 mm
Package size 725 × 610 × 500 mm

* At 30°C, 80% RH | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.