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German Dehumidifier for Sale

AD 780 German Dehumidifier

AD7 German Dehumidifier for Sale

7,700.00د.إ – 9,500.00د.إ VAT
AD7 series is a German dehumidifier for sale in Dubai, UAE. This industrial dehumidifier manufactured by Aerial, Dantherm & Sold by CtrlTech in Saudi. SKU: AERIAL-AD780-G-PD-1 MPN: AERIAL-AD780-G-PD-1 Category: German dehumidifier Tags: Best German dehumidifier, dehumidifier for sale Brand: CtrlTech

Dehumidifier Made in Germany.

The AD7 series is a German dehumidifier manufactured by Aerial. As a result, one must ensure that they are purchasing high-quality goods. This is the most durable dehumidifier that CtrlTech sells in the UAE. As a result, this approach is widely used by rental and flood recovery organisations. Due of the ruggedness of the AD7 series unit, it is used at the oilfield ridge. This industrial dehumidifier is well-built for heavy-duty use.

AD7 commercial dehumidifier made of the highest quality plastic. It achieves unmatched mobility with the use of larger wheels. Additionally, the unit is easy to transport due to its secure grip.

The AD7's body is constructed entirely of impact- and shock-resistant plastic. As a result, the item is both non-corrosive and durable. It is a long-lasting military-grade dehumidification device. CtrlTech dehumidifiers Dubai is the sole distributor of Aerial goods in the Middle East. Let's take a closer look at each characteristic of this unit in the next sections.

German Dehumidifier AD7

The AD7 dehumidifier is the best European brand available in the Middle East. It comes in two sizes. To begin, the AD750 model has a daily extraction capacity of 55 litres. Second, the AD780 machine has a 78-liter-per-day drying capacity. The AD780 model comes complete with an integrated condensate pump. However, it is not required for the AD750 machine. However, the AD750 features an internal tank with a capacity of 12 litres.

Additionally, the user can order the AD750 with a built-in condensate pump. The working temperature range of this machine is one of its outstanding qualities. As a result, it is suitable for use in both cold and hot environments. The air was drawn in from the backside via the filter. Additionally, dry air is discharged through the front grill. The filter is easily removed and washed. The tank on the AD750 is accessible from the rear. This dehumidifier from Germany features a removable power cord. Additionally, it features a secure and convenient place for a power cable with winder. Its striking design makes it ideal for usage in hotels and on yachts.


AD7 units equipped with premium components. It features a copper and aluminium finned condenser and evaporator. As a result, the equipment is both dependable and efficient. Additionally, it features a two-stage EC axial fan. As a result, the unit is silent and consumes less energy. It is equipped with a hermetic rotary compressor. Additionally, this machine features overload protection and a vibration-isolated bearing. It operates on the principle of condensation. In other words, it is equipped with heat pump technology that incorporates energy recovery.

This is a hot-gas defrost machine that operates on demand. Thus, the defrost mechanism cleans and enhances the performance of the frozen coil. BlueDRY technology is used in AD7 mode. This technical advancement enhances energy efficiency at low humidity and temperature levels. As a result, this German dehumidifier becomes more efficient. When not in use, the system can stack on top of one another. Refrigerated circuits featured an easy-to-maintain service terminal.

Control Panel for the AD7 German Dehumidifier

The control panel is equipped with a mixture of pilot lamps and switches. When the tank is full or there is a problem with the pump, the red pilot lamp illuminates. In either instance, the machine will come to a complete stop to prevent leaks or further damage. The machine is in defrost mode as indicated by the green pilot bulb. The compressor continues to run during this time. However, the fan ceases to function. When the system reaches the specified humidity level, the orange light glows. These three bulbs are included in the price of every dehumidifier on the market.

Additionally, a red pilot bulb is offered to indicate ThermoLogic failure. That is, it shuts off the system when the operational temperature exceeds the design limitations. Additionally, it includes a clock that indicates the operating hours. Users can select a metre that has a kWh counter and an operating hour counter. Users can change the desired humidity level using an adjustable knob type hygrostat. Below the panel, maintenance tips are illustrated. This German dehumidifier should only be used upright. The filter should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure optimal functioning. Ascertain that there are no obstructions at the machine's input and output.

AD7's USPs

  1. The AD7 device is equipped with a hermetic rotary compressor. As a result, this equipment is more dependable.
  2. It features an EC axial fan, which contributes to its quiet operation and power efficiency.
  3. The body is encased with impact-resistant polycarbonate. As a result, this type is robust and resistant to corrosion.
  4. It features a hot gas defrost system that is operated as needed. As a result, this German dehumidifier is equally suitable for use in chilly environments.
  5. The AD7 is fitted with a strong condensate pump that allows extracted water to be pushed even at great heights.
  6. It comes equipped with an energy and operating hour counter to help you keep track of your spending.
Specifications AD 750 AD 750-P AD 780-P
Capacity* [l/24h] 55 55 78
Airflow [m³/h] 710 710 820
Temp. range [°C] 3-32 3-32 3-32
Humidity range [%] 35-95 35-95 35-95
Power consp. [W] 900 900 1250
Power [V/Hz] 230/1ph/50 230/1ph/50 230/1ph/50
Sound level [dB(A)] 53 53 55
Conden. Tank [lit] 12 Built-in condensate pump Built-in condensate pump
Condensate [mm] 15 x 2 12 x 2 12 x 2
Product size [mm] 880 x 520 x 495 880 x 520 x 495 1000 x 640 x 580
Weight [kg] 42 42 57

* At 30°C, 80% RH | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.