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CDM-50L Best Commercial Dehumidifier

CDM-50L industrial size dehumidifier

CDM-50L Best Commercial Dehumidifier

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CDM-50L is the best commercial dehumidifier with a capacity of 50 liters per day. Buy this portable type industrial dehumidifier from SKU: CT-CDM50L-Y-PD-1 MPN: CT-CDM50L-Y-PD-1 Category: Commercial Dehumidifier Tags: Commercial Dehumidifier, Industrial Dehumidifier Brand: CtrlTech

The Best Dehumidifier for Business Use

With a drying capacity of 50 litres, the CDM-50L is the ideal commercial dehumidifier. This is an excellent solution for tiny rooms. It is a portable unit with a built-in tank. As a result, this device is ready for usage in any location. Additionally, it features an LCD control panel with a power-outage memory.

Numerous economic tasks necessitate the use of a small capacity unit. For instance, a welding electrode storehouse is compact. Although this room is small in size, it is not a low-capacity unit. However, the machine should have a high airflow. CDM-50L commercial-grade dehumidifier is optimal for this application.

Features of the Best Business Dehumidifier

Compact commercial dehumidifier CDM-50L. As a result, it is frequently employed in locations with limited space. It is equipped with a very efficient rotary compressor that operates on R410 gas. As a result, it has no effect on the ozone layer. The internal tank holds 5.5 gallons. Additionally, it is accessible from the front.

The unit features a front-side input and a left-side outlet. As a result, the system can attach itself to the wall from the backside. The machine features four wheels and a folding handle for portability. The front two wheels are 360 degrees rotatable. This best business dehumidifier can also be connected to a hose in addition to a container.

Additional Characteristics

The CDM-50L industrial dehumidifier has an exterior drain connection. We may also purchase this business dehumidifier with a pump as an option. The unit's automated defrost function allows it to remove ice that has collected on its coil. As a result, the system's efficiency is increased. When necessary, the machine will turn on and defrost itself.

When power is restored, the CDM-50L finest commercial dehumidifier can be restarted. Additionally, it has the ability to save prior configurations in its memory. This commercial dehumidification system features an intuitive control panel. As a result, this machine is accessible to everybody.

The Greatest Commercial Dehumidifier's Control Panel.

The control panel features a big monitor. On the panel, the current humidity and temperature are displayed. Similarly, it displays the system's driving mode and status. The dashboard indicates when the device is dehumidifying and the fan is operating. The user can programme the required humidity and delay timer using the set button.

This machine operates completely automatically. As a result, it is turned off when the room humidity falls below a preset level. Simultaneously, it can turn on automatically when the amount of moisture in the air exceeds a preset level. In the event of a fault, the display will display an error code. Thus, the best commercial dehumidifier can quickly fix.

CDM-50L's Unique Features

  1. It is equipped with an adjustable humidistat. As a result, users can specify the appropriate humidity level.
  2. When the tank is completely full, the machine automatically shuts down. As a result, it prevents water leaks.
  3. The unit is equipped with an internal memory. Thus, it preserves the operating system settings and restores them upon restart.
  4. Along with the reservoir, it features a connection point for the external hose.
  5. The unit is completely automatic. Once the user selects the desired level of moisture, the device operates automatically.
Capacity 50 Liters/day
Volt 220-240V/50 Hz
Power 780 Watts
Tank Capacity 5.5 Liters
Air Volume 480 CMH
Coolant R410A
Running Temp 5 – 35°C
Tank Full Indication Yes
Adjust Humidistat Yes
Automatic defrost Yes
Hose Connection Yes
Filter Basic filter
Hygrometer Yes
Noise Level 52dB(A)
Dimension and Weight
Product weight 32 kg
Package weight 50 kg
Product size 400 x 370 x 750 mm
Package size 514 x 406 x 800 mm