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Dehumidifier for rent

CDM-138L commercial portable dehumidifier

FSD 240L Dehumidifier for rent

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Get a dehumidifier for rent on a daily charge basis. Save money with our hassle-free dehumidification machine hire services. We are the best dehumidifier rental company near you. SKU: CT-FSD240L-W-FM-1 MPN: CT-FSD240L-W-FM-1 Category: dehumidifier for rent. Tags: dehumidifier for rent, dehumidifier for sale Brand: CtrlTech

Industrial dehumidifier for rent

It is a matter of argument to choose between renting and buying equipment. When it comes to the industrial dehumidifier hire, it depends on how long you have to use this unit. High-capacity units are high in cost. And if you need these units for a short duration, then getting a dehumidifier on rent is always advised. Getting a dehumidification system for a short period is a hassle-free activity.

Many applications like paint, concrete drying, flood recovery, and events need a dryer for a concise duration. In such cases, it is not advisable to buy a unit. Dehumidifier rental companies in Dubai deliver and fix units free of cost at your location.

Benefits of dehumidifier rental

The main objective of renting a dehumidifier is to reduce expenses. At the same time, there are many more advantages of hiring equipment over buying it.

  1. The dehumidifier rental cost is way less than purchasing it for short-term use.
  2. No need to worry about the maintenance & wear and tear of the machine. An industrial dehumidifier hire company will take care of it.
  3. Renting avoids paying the total cost of equipment up front.
  4. Since we are not buying, we need to pay taxes.
  5. Avoid losses due to the depreciation of the asset.
  6. Commercial dehumidifier hire is mostly readily available than waiting for the lead time of the new unit.

Before renting a dehumidifier

One should consider the following things before hiring a dehumidification system.

  1. Get multiple quotations. You can search "dehumidifier rental near me" on Google to contact different suppliers. It will allow you to get the best dehumidifier hire cost.
  2. Always ask for charges on per day basis.
  3. Check if there is any condition from the rental company regarding minimum days or charges.
  4. Make sure delivery and pickup are free of charge from the supplier.
  5. In case of a fault in equipment, the supplier should repair it free of cost or replace it with another unit.
  1. Available in high-capacity dehumidifiers with a compact footprint.
  2. Steel is used to construct the body casing. As a result, it is a robust system.
  3. It possesses two critical advantages. To begin, the device features a high airflow rate and a high dehumidifying capacity.
  4. It includes an integrated humidistat and hygrometer. As a result, the dehumidifier's control panel indicates the room's humidity level.
  5. Users can specify the desired level of humidity. However, this pool dehumidifier may also be adjusted to dry or comfort mode.
  6. Operation is completely automated. As a result, the unit will automatically turn on and off in response to the room's humidity level.
  7. Notably, this unit is constructed with high-quality components.
Capacity 240 Liters/day
Volt 380/400V, 50 Hz / 3 phase
Power 3500 Watts
Filter G4 Efficiency
Air Volume 2700 CMH
Running Temp 5 – 38°C
Compressor Panasonic / Daikin / Mitsubishi
Protection Delayed startup for protection
Refrigerant R410
Wheels Provided
Humidity Setting Yes
Drainage point Provided
Body Frame Powder coasted Metal
Dimension and Weight
Product weight 115 kg
Dimension (W x D x H) mm 770 x 465 x 170

* At 30°C, 80% RH | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.