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Commercial Grade Dehumidifier

CDM-90L commercial grade dehumidifier

CDM-90L Commercial Grade Dehumidifier

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Get rid of moisture with a commercial-grade dehumidifier. Contact CtrlTech industrial dehumidifiers today and get a heavy discount on all purchases. SKU: CT-CDM90L-W-PD-1 MPN: CT-CDM90L-W-PD-1 Category: commercial grade dehumidifier Tags: Ccommercial grade dehumidifier Brand: CtrlTech

Dehumidifier of Commercial Quality

In all likelihood, the CDM-90L is a dehumidifier with a tank that is of commercial quality. While overall design, durability, and performance have been taken care of. As a result, CtrlTech is able to provide this superior product. Purchase a ready-to-use commercial dehumidifier in the United Arab Emirates.

With a robust metal shell, it can withstand any shocks encountered on-site. This dehumidifier is designed for business use and features an 8-liter reservoir. Additionally, it can be connected to a hose to allow for continuous draining. Users can choose to have this dehumidifier with pump as an option. The device is equipped with a front intake and side grilles for discharge. For more information on this commercial dehumidification system, contact CtrlTech.

Features of a Commercial Grade Dehumidifier

This device is capable of processing 700 CMH air and eliminating 90 litres of moisture each day. Four caster wheels provide stability for this item. Two front wheels are capable of rotation. Panasonic's rotary compressor operates at a high efficiency level when using R410 gas. Additionally, automatic defrost boosts its capability.

This machine is capable of sensing the relative humidity and temperature of the room. As a result, it can shut down automatically when the room's humidity falls below the predetermined level. In a similar vein, it can turn on automatically if the actual moisture content exceeds a preset level. The front side of this commercial-grade dehumidifier provides access to the tank.

Components Interne

This unit is equipped with just the highest-quality internal components. It is equipped with a pure copper condenser. Additionally, the hydrophilic aluminium foil treatment increases the efficiency of condensing water. The evaporator provides heat exchange capabilities through the use of a double row of thick copper tubes. It is capable of delivering massive amounts of air via a centrifugal fan.

The fan is equipped with a sealed copper motor. As a result, it has a longer lifespan. Additionally, the Bessel duct design minimises wind resistance, resulting in a strong flow. Dust can be removed from the air using a high-density mesh filter. As a result, it protects the interior component and raises air quality standards. To ensure equal drying, the device includes a discharge grill on both sides. CDM-90L dehumidifier is a commercial-grade dehumidifier with superb workmanship.

The Commercial-Grade Dehumidifier's Control Panel

Temperature and humidity readings are displayed on the control panel. Simultaneously, it can display the operating modes. Users can select from a variety of operating modes. Apart from the power button, it features defrosting indicators. Additionally, it includes an indicator for the dehumidification condition. Although the control board is tiny, it is packed with functions.

Users can adjust the humidity and time settings using the plus and minus buttons. The user must use the set button to modify any parameter. Moisture can be regulated to a minimum of 30% relative humidity. This value should be set according to the application. For example, if you're using it to dry laundry, set it to the lowest setting. This commercial-grade dehumidifier is one of those devices that you can plug in and forget about.

CDM-90L's USPs

  1. It has a sizable capacity for dehumidification. As a result, it is frequently used for industrial areas.
  2. It is used to dry seed, leather, and tobacco due to its high airflow.
  3. The body casing is built of a high-strength mental material. As a result, it provides significant resistance to external forces.
  4. A centrifugal fan with a sealed copper motor ensures consistent airflow and a long service life.
  5. Additionally, it features a huge tank and filter.
  6. This industrial-strength dehumidifier is ideal for warehouses.
  7. It is used to dry textiles at commercial laundry centres.
  8. This machine is frequently used to remove moisture from commercial kitchens.
Capacity 90 Liters/day
Volt 220-240V/50 Hz
Power 1260 Watts
Tank Capacity 8 Liters
Air Volume 700 CMHH
Coolant R410A
Running Temp 5 – 38°C
Tank Full Indication Yes
Adjust Humidistat Yes
Automatic defrost Yes
Hose Connection Yes
Filter Basic filter
Hygrometer Yes
Noise Level 52dB(A)
Dimension and Weight
Product weight 40 kg
Package weight 54 kg
Product size: H (Inches) 455 x 401 x 927 mm
Package size 514 x 446 x 1100 mm

* At 30°C, 80% RH | Specification and data may subject to change without prior notice.