Water Leakage Detection System

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Investing in water detection devices makes a lot of sense for data centers, given the very real risk water damage poses. Additional incentives include lower premiums that insurance companies offer when you set up water detection systems. Water - In the right place - is our most important commodity but water leaks, in the wrong place at the wrong time can damage a business in a big way. What seems like an insignificant problem can cost millions when it comes to lost computer data, Water leakage detection system is become first in list of priorities to protect infrastructure. The presence of water can mean damages to equipment or a loss of Critical Services, especially electrical. Thus Water DetectionSystem is useful for early detection where preventive action can betaken. Other applications are where water detection is useful include areas like waste water management, archive facilities or power plant etc.

Water leakage detection systems early detects potential water leakage problem.Notification can be obtained over alarm, e-mail & SMS.Ensures highest uptime for your business.False alarm can be avoided with help of adjustable sensitive threshold.Event logging to for easy diagnosticLeakage detection can be done over distance, zone or specific spot.It reduces major financial risk at minimal cost.Web interfacedowned telecommunications switches, damaged files. Personnel safety can be threatened by roof leaks in building or by fire from water caused electrical short circuits.