Static Transfer Switch

Single Phase Static Transfer Switch (STS)

Range:50A - 100A
Standard Ratings:50, 100A
Input voltage Range: 220/230V 50Hz
Output Type:220/230V 50Hz
Model Overview
Single Phase Static Transfer Switch can be use with:
  • Servers rooms & Data Centers
  • Fiber optics network
  • Airport Security System
  • Emergency Devices (lights/Alarms)
  • Process Control
  • Telecommunication Devices
  • Industrial Applications
  • Fast Microprocessor Control
  • 2 redundant power supplies form electronic boards (hot swappable)
  • Automatic static switching. Remote monitoring of input power sources
  • Alarm history (with their date and time)
  • Remote management of power events. Power event logging
  • Easy static and mechanical transfer between separate input sources.
  • Easy monitoring all parameters on LCD display
  • External emergency shutdown (EPO) input
  • Fast voltage black-out circuit
  • Input sources protected by fuses
  • Advanced RS232 communication features. DRY contact alarm interface