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Uninterruptible Power Supply
We provide end to end Pre sales & Post sales services UPS System.Our services includes.
    Pre Sales Services: This includes activities right from load study at site to selection of right size and site for UPS. As pre sales activities our sales engineer will help you in following:
  • Load study: Our Engineer will help you to calculate exact load with help of different power tools and expertise. Load study helps user to understand exact maximum load, segregate between critical & non-critical loads, to study minimum process time required by your load for which backup power needed from UPS.

  • Sizing & Configuration: Based on load study, we know exact load and minimum battery backup time required for your application. With help of this data we do required sizing of UPS and battery bank. Also depend on critical Index of your application we can offer you parallel redundant configuration of UPS with common or separate battery bank.

  • Site Layout & Requirement: Based on sizing & configuration of UPS & battery bank we design physical layout of installation. Life of battery and some of the components of UPS get affected by room temperature. Hence we provide you heat loss calculation of UPS system & help you to design air conditioning for UPS room.

  • Post Sales Service: We offer various post sales services for accurate installation & maintenance of UPS. Post Sales Services includes:
  • Pre- Installation Visit: Purpose of this visit to check breaker size; cable size, air conditioning and other electrical & environmental parameter which requisite for accurate installation. In case of any deviation our engineer will provide you proper data.

  • Installation & Commissioning: Our factory trained engineers provide installation & commission of UPS & batteries as specified by manufactures.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC): We offer comprehensive & non-comprehensive AMC for proper maintenance of UPS System.

We offer services for design & build Data centers and Server Room based on industry standards. We can help you change an empty room, closet, or unoccupied space into a functioning computer room, or transform your existing computer layout into a 21st century data center design. Our services includes:
    Design & Build Data Center & Server Room:
    This includes following:
  • Documentation & Budgeting.

  • Site survey and environmental survey to select Data center Site.

  • Selection, Supply & Integration of various Data Center equipments like CRAC, UPS, Raised Flooring, Generator, ATS, fire detection/suppression, water detection, access control, base building security/CCTV, monitoring, soundproofing and more.

    Support & Maintenance:

    Data Center infrastructure includes various equipments like UPS, Generator, CRAC, Security & monitoring systems. Regular maintenance of these equipments becomes necessity to keep high uptime. We provides:

  • Annual Maintenance contract (AMC) for Power, Cooling, Security & Monitoring equipments like UPS, Generator, CRAC, Access control, fire suppression etc.

  • Quarterly Preventive maintenance

  • Suggestions regarding security and Monitoring of Data center

  • Audit of Existing Data Center:

    Due to continuous changing technologies, one needs to keep updated infrastructure of Data Center for highest efficiency and Uptime. Ctrltech Systems provide audit for existing Data Center to assess it. In this Audit:

  • We check issues regarding Power, cooling efficiency and provide solution.

  • Assess security and protection standard of Data Center.

  • We provide necessary suggestions to upgrade infrastructure for high efficiency and Uptime.

Service 1
Service 1
One of our sister concern company (ECIS) specialized in providing total Industrial electronic repair/switchgear automation solutions at component level. ECIS provides specialist troubleshooting & repair solutions for the complex business applications & machines. In nutshell ECIS expertise is in the following fields:
  • PLC - Allen Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron etc.

  • SCADA Programming & Technical Support on projects.

  • New Custom panels and software developments.

  • Textile Industry Equipment maintenance.

  • PCB repair.

  • Offshore/Onshore Oil Exploration Equipments.

  • Industrial Inverters.

  • Temperature Controller/Recorder.

  • Weighing Sensors

  • Servo Motors

  • CNC Machines & Retrofitting

  • Oilfield equipments and Machines

  • Marine Equipments and navigation system

  • Gas Analyzers and detectors.

  • Welding Machines All types.

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