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To protect your business from fire hazards Fire Suppression System is basic need of any business. Gaseous fire suppression is more preferred over other due to there quickness, cleanness & effeteness. Gaseous fire suppression is a term to describe the use of inert and chemical agents to extinguish a . The system typically consists of the agent, agent storage containers, agent release valves, fire detectors, fire detection system (wiring control panel, actuation signaling), agent delivery piping, and agent dispersion nozzles.

FM200 is most commonly used gaseous agent for fire suppression. FM-200 Fire Suppression agent was the first environmentally acceptable replacement for Halon 1301. FM-200 has zero ozone depleting potential, a low global warming potential and a short atmospheric lifetime. FM-200 is a colourless, liquefied compressed gas. It is stored as a liquid and dispensed into the hazard as a colourless, eclectically non-conductive vapour that is clear and does not obscure vision. This agent is completely safe for electrical equipment whereas other extinguish ants (water for example) may cause as much damage as an actual fire. It's also people and planet safe given that it has a zero ozone depleting potential. FM-200 is quick in that it is dispensed into a room within 10 seconds or less. It is clean in that the agent leaves no particulates or oily residue behind. Therefore, the overall effectiveness of an FM-200 system far outweighs that of other extinguishants.

Advantage of FM 200

  • FM200 is more quick & effective
  • FM200 is clean agent since it does not leave any residue
  • FM200 has no electronically conductivity hence suitable to use any area
  • FM200 when release it does not reduces oxygen level in atmosphere
  • FM200 is environment friendly since it has Zero ozone depleting potential, Low global warming potential
  • FM200 requires lesser storage area as compared to other agents
  • It has short life span