Three major requirement of reliable Datacenter operation are Uptime, security & safety. Data center runs several applications that handle the core business and operational data of the organization. In today's world some or other way Datacenter becomes backbone of every business.
To ensure highest uptime of Datacenter operation, supply of continuous power is major requirement. In addition to continuous supply of power, it should be free from all impurities like over/under voltage/current, sag, swell impulse etc. Such impurities in power supply might cause damage of computer hardware or in worst case failure of power distribution system. Purification of power supply called as power conditioning. Also in case of failure of power supply from Grid and local power generator, there should be backup power device such as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to serve load. Hence to ensure continuous power supply we need to design power distribution system which will ensure continuous & pure power.
Ctrltech provide complete solution to ensure continuous & pure power supply & Distribution to your Datacenter. Our gamut of product includes UPS with redundancy options, Generator, ATS, and Isolation Transformer etc. to built reliable power supply for Datacenter.
Along with continuous power, efficient cooling is major requirement for continuous operation of datacenter. Data center equipments generate a large amount of heat and the problem increases with higher density IT kit (e.g. Blade Servers). It is, therefore, essential to use the correct type of cooling which can control of temperature & humidity with high precision and to understand the air flow requirements within the room. Failure to achieve this can have disastrous results with 'deadly' hot-spots happening just where you don't need them - around your key mission critical servers.
Ctrltech offers Computer Room air conditioners (CRAC) are commonly known as Precision Air Conditioners (PAC) or closed control unit (CCU). CRAC provided efficient heat removal, excellent humidity control, greater airflow, better air filtration, greater flexibility and expandability, and numerous alarm and redundancy options. It is available in up flow or down flow type based on air throw. Based on coolant & position of coil it is broadly classified into Chilled water (CW) type and Direct expansion (DX) type.
To ensure safety to your Datacenter, Ctrltech provides various safety equipments which include Water Leakage Detection system, FM200 Fire Suppression system, Raised flooring & Access control System.
In Nutshell, Ctrltech provides following product for your Datacenter:
UPS: From 1kVA to 4800kVA with single/three phase output. It has option of Parallel redundancy to ensure high reliability.
Generator: Standby diesel generator up to provide alternate power Source.
ATS: Automatic Transfer switch used to transfer between two power sources automatically.
Isolation Transformer: We provide "K" rated isolation transformer to ensure clean power.
CRAC: Computer Room Air conditioner available in various rating.It has option of Parallel redundancy to ensure high reliability.
Water Leakage Detection System: It is use to protect your datacenter from any water leakage.
FM200: It is clean, quick & clear fire suppression system recommended for Datacenter.
Raised Flooring: It is use to protect power & data cables and to ensure efficient cooling.
Access Control System: Use to allow authorized access to your datacenter.