Air Conditioning & its treatment is one of the important aspects of various applications. Some of applications like Telecommunication, laboratories, Datacenter server room etc. not only require precise control of temperature but also humidity. Even at home higher or lower humidity & temperature can create unhygienic & unpleasant environment. We offer wide range of products to control temperature & humidity at precision level. Some of these products as follow:
Computer room Air Conditioning (CRAC): It is also commonly known as Close Control Unit (CCU). CCU control Temperature and Humidity at precision level which required for various critical applications like computer rooms, laboratories, telecommunications etc. CCU available with option of Air cooled & Chilled water type with down flow & up flow of cool air.
Desiccant Dehumidifier: Desiccant dehumidifier is use for humidity removal on large scale. Desiccant materials (such as silica gel) have a high affinity for adsorbing water vapour. Desiccant dehumidifier uses desiccant material in a 'rotor' form. This forms a vast number of axial air channels running parallel through the rotor structure. As air passes through these channels, moisture is transferred between the air and the desiccant. Desiccant-based dehumidifiers to remove moisture from air by process of continuous physical adsorption.
Humidifier: Low level of humidity also causes unpleasant & unhygienic environment. We offer Neptronic make self contained steam humidifiers produce mineral free, odorless, sterile steam to increase humidity.
Electric Duct Heater: It is commonly use for heating of space along in HVAC system. We supply Neptronic make Electrical Duct heaters. Coil of heaters can be open, tubular or finned tubular type. Mounting can be Slip-In, Flanged and Round Collar type. These heaters are available up to 1000 kW with up to 40 kW per sq. ft. to suit any application.