Environmental Monitoring System

Servers rooms
Data Centers
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Industrial applications

Environmental monitoring system for server room and datacenter is most important equipment of modern Datacenter. It is device which can monitor environmental conditions (especially temperature and Humidity) in server room and in case environmental parameter exceed set threshold limits then it will inform user automatically by Email, SMS or phone call.

Temperature monitoring and humidity monitoring inside server room is main duty of environmux Environmental monitoring. But addition to that it can monitor other equipments in datacenter like UPS, Close control unit, Fire alarm panel, Water leak detection system. These type of systems called as Facility Monitoring system (FMS) equipment which extreme versatility that simplifies and consolidates monitoring of numerous types of signals and equipment available at facilities.

We offer stand-alone monitoring appliance that provides dynamic, real-time temperature, humidity, and dry contact monitoring of computer rooms, data centers, and any critical environment.

Some of the important features of Environmental monitoring systems are as follow:

  • Real time monitoring of Humidity and Temperature.
  • Includes dry contact for alarms from critical equipment include power monitoring, water sensors, smoke and fire alarms, motion detectors, airflow, and access/entry sensors.
  • Permits remote monitoring of temperature, humidity and digital dry contact.
  • Notification of alarms via email, SMS, SNMP traps when specified temperature and humidity thresholds or the change of status of a digital dry contact signal. RLE. Environmux.
  • Simple integration to a Building Management System (BMS).
  • Capable of Modbus over TCP/IP. Built-in Web server. SecurityProbe, openxtra.
  • Option of additional humidity & Temperature sensor.
  • Datacenter & Server room Environment monitoring & control.